Current Exhibits at the Saratoga Museum

Women's Suffrage Movement Exhibit


This exhibit outlines the struggle for the right of women to vote and run for office in Wyoming. It also contrasts Wyoming with the nationwide suffrage movement.

Vintage Toy Exhibit


Discover toys from the 1880s, Germany's Golden Era of toy making. The exhibit features a vintage whistling and spinning top and one of the first manufactured Teddy Bears.

Geology Exhibit


See the most diverse collection in Wyoming with minerals and gems ranging from India to Antarctica.

Homestead Exhibit


Learn about the people who made N. Platte Valley their home during a time when practicality and self-reliance were a necessity.

Saratoga Union Pacific Railroad Depot


Tour the historic Depot and browse more than 10,000 artifacts, including a collection of photographs from the late-1800’s and the Station Master's living quarters.

Anthropology Exhibit


Our prehistoric past features the invention of the Atlatl. See some of the original bones from the Casper Site or Hells Gap, where over 100 ancestral buffalo were killed.

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church Exhibit


The establishment of the first church in Saratoga meant that the community had grown large enough to support a full-time pastor for weddings, communion and last rites.

Sheep Wagon


View a sheep wagon with original stove. It's original design is still used today by sheep herders across Wyoming. Sheep wagons are pulled by horses, allowing shepherds to stay with their flocks. Visible during summer season.

License Plate Exhibit


This collection features license plates from the 1920’s through today. Come learn about how Wyoming became the Cowboy State.

Union Pacific Caboose


View the historic Union Pacific Caboose, used locally when moving cattle to market. Weather permitting, the caboose is open for visitation.

One-Bedroom Cabin


Explore the original one room cabin, built by a Valley pioneer. The cabin currently houses our blacksmith collection.

Past Exhibits at the Saratoga Museum



This exhibit featured the history of fly fishing in the Upper North Platte River Valley, in addition to local fish fries.

Rodeo/Tie Hack


This exhibit featured Platte Valley history from harnessing of the River for log transport by tie hacks to the western invention of rodeo.

Virginia Large


This exhibit featured local Valley artist, Virginia Large, In her lifetime, Virginia painted 500 canvases--an unprecedented amount for any female artist.

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